Each crêpe is made by pouring a thin batter onto a flat circular griddle, it is spread evenly over the cooking surface of the griddle by distributing it with a special offset spreader. We use authentic French-made crêpe griddles to ensure the crêpe are cooked to perfection.

Our kitchen is not a gluten free kitchen, howeve we ARE gluten free friendly  and would love to cater to your needs. All our crêpes can be made  Gluten Free and we also offer Gluten Free Pastries made in house.
Sweet Crêpes 
Triple Threat-Freshly sliced bananas, with sliced sweet strawberries covered with nutella
chocolaty spread 
Bumble Bee-Freshly sliced bananas with nutella
Red Rose- Sliced sweet strawberries with nutella
Strawberry Delight -Sliced sweet strawberries, cinnamon, and confectioners’ sugar
Strawberries and Cream Sliced sweet strawberries topped with whipped cream
Nuts for Bananas -Fresh sliced bananas, walnuts, sugar, cinnamon and melted sweet butter
PB&J- Peanut Butter with Jelly, great with Bananas as well
Nutella- Have a crêpe with nutella
Raspberry Delight -Freshly sliced bananas topped with raspberry preserves
Yin Yangbananas, nutella & mini marsh mallows
Lemon Zest-Fresh lemon juice, raw sugar & butter, topped with powdered sugar and whipped cream.
Cinnamon Swirl- Sweet Butter walnuts, brown sugar cinnamon

Almond Joy- Toasted coconut and Almonds, bananas, spiced cookie mix and chocolate drizzle

Reese Peanut Butter- Peanut butter with dark chocolate

Strawberry Lemon Meringue-  Melted mini marshmallows, fresh strawberries, and our lemon glaze

Vanilla Yogurt- Fresh Fruit, with vanilla yogurt preserves and pecans

Peaches and Cream- Sautéed peaches in brown sugar, pecans, cinnamon topped on our sweet cream fraiche

The Russian-  sour cream and marmalade

Salted Caramel- Brown sugar, sea salt, caramel drizzle

Nutella Delight- Cream Cheese, Nutella, strawberries, strawberries and chocolate drizzle 

Lemon Curd- home made lemon curd fresh whipped cream fresh berries and raspberry perseveres 

Savory Crêpes
Caesar- Chicken on top of melted cheese with mushrooms, tomatoes, Romaine lettuce, fresh basil and our Caesar dressing
Dijon -Chicken on top of melted cheddar cheese, tomatoes, Romaine lettuce with Dijon mustard dressing
Pesto-Chicken, red bell peppers, spinach, tomatoes, cheddar & jack cheese, and pesto sauce
Proscuttio and Fig - proscuttio Brie cheese spinach and fig spread
Raspberry Chicken -Chicken with melted cheddar cheese, tomatoes, spinach topped with raspberry preserves and walnut pieces
BLT -Bacon, fresh lettuce, vine ripe tomatoes & mozzarella cheese
Ham & Cheese-Ham melted cheese, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, and our dijon dressing.             
Veggie -Tomatoes, sweet red peppers, fresh baby leaf spinach, mushrooms, melted mozzarella dressed with pesto sauce

Fresh Tomato, Basile &  Mozzarella

Club- Chicken, Bacon, Avocado, Mozzarella, tomato, romaine lettuce, mayo.

Marinara- Grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, marinara sauce, spinach, and mozzarella  cheese

Smoked Salmon- Smoked salmon with capers, red onion, tomato, and our in house made dill Crème fraiche

Ham & Swiss- with grilled asparagus, mushrooms, spinach and Dijon sauce.

The Italian- Prosciutto fresh mozzarella, spinach, tomato, balsamic pesto sauce.

Smoked Chicken- Chickenroasted bell peppers, spinach, Havarti cheese, pesto, topped with an avocado.

Veggie Deluxe- sun dried tomatoes, red onions, fire roasted red bell peppers, mushrooms, tomato, avocado and goat cheese.

The Flip Side-Have any of our delicious Entrée Crêpe as a salad! Same prices apply

Lighter Side
Breakfast Crepe-Scrambled eggs, mushrooms, red bell peppers, spinach, tomatoes, and melted cheese.
Add Bacon/Ham/Chicken/Avocado 2.00

Breakfast Bagel- Toasted bagel, of your choice, with cream cheese  fried or scrambled eggs, tomatoes, spinach and your choice of meat or avocado 7.59

Toasted Bagel and Cream Cheese 2.50

Lox And Bagel - Toasted bagel of your choice, smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion, capers, and tomato 9.59

Fruit Bowl- Mixed berries, apples, bananas, with pecans 5.59
Add Vanilla yogurt for a dollar
Quiche of day with salad and pesto balsamic dressing 7.59 

Avocado Toast -Avocado mash, diced tomatoes, sea salt goat cheese 

*Price is subject to change without prior notice
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